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About San Diego Bengal Babes
About Us

    We are a family of three originally from New Orleans. Our journey to San Diego came about in 2005 due to Hurricane Katrina. Even though that was an unfortunate event that led us to the move, we have no regrets because we are survivors, and continue to look forward and strive to improve our lives. As our journey continued after being uprooted and losing our home due to the flooding, we decided to head out to the west coast and fell in love with Southern California. After living in a couple different locations in San Diego county, we settled here in Mira Mesa.

    Shortly after we moved I purchased a Bengal kitten as a pet from a local breeder, and my becoming familiar with this amazing breed led me to my latest adventure, breeding Bengals!! Because of my previous experience in New Orleans breeding pure bred American Pit Bulls and Miniature Pinchers, this was an easy and natural decision.  
    We started out small, and purposely decided to keep a small pride at all times.  This is so we could give each new addition to our bengal family plenty of love and attention, to assure that each animal was completely socialized to people as well as other animals.  Since these Bengals are like our children, we treat them as such with a good raw food diet with plenty of vitamins and science diet. We have 2 huge outdoor areas for the cats to come in and out of the house as they please. So they are under foot constantly. We are small but take pride in what we do and are willing to learn what ever is necessary to accomplish our passion for these beautiful exotic Bengals.

   We carefully selected a few  queens with champion lines from different states and locally with the help of a  prominent, long time breeder in the show world. We will produce excellent type for breeder and show quality, also pet quality. We only have a few litters a year, but are superb. 

   In the mean time check back with us often and see what Babes we have available.  

 Euniques San  Diego Bengal Babes, & Babes To Come!!!

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